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We offer a comprehensive line of Skin Therapeutic skin care products that are formulated with only premium ingredients. Proper skin care regimen is your winning formula to keep that lasting youthful look.

Here are the recommended regimens

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Gentle Cleansing GelGentle Cleansing Gel

A non-irritating, hypo allergenic cleanser containing aloe vera

Normal, dry and sensitive skin types.



AHA Rejuvenating CleanserAHA Rejuvenating Cleanser

Contains 7% Glycoloc Acid and 1% Salicylic Acid

Normal, dry and sensitive skin types.


Purifying Facial WashPurifying Facial Wash

Contains 1% Salicylic Acid

Oily skin types 



Cellular Turnover



Lactic Cellular TurnoverLactic Cellular Turnover Treatment Treatment

-on exfoliation treatment containing 15% Lactic Acid and 5% Amino Acid
Dry skin only



Glycolic Cellular TurnoverGlucolic Cellular Turnover Treatment Treatment

Leave-on exfoliation treatment containing 15% Glycolic Acid and 5% Amino Acid

Normal skin types 



Anti-Oil Cellular TurnoverAnti-Oil Cellular Turnover Treatment Treatment

Leave-on exfoliation treatment contains 3% Salicylic Acid and 6% Lactic Acid

Oily skin types



Topical Vitamins / Antioxidant's



Vitamin Infusion SerumVitamin Infusion Serum

Essential after facial treatments and contains Vitamin A, E, & K, grape seed extract and carrot seed extract

Dry to very dry skin types



Vitamin Infusion LotionVitamin Infusion Lotion

A combination of the Vitamin Infusion Serum and a lightweight moisturizer

Normal or combination skin types



Vitamin Nourishing CrèmeVitamin Nourishing Cream

Provides synergistic blend of absorbing vitamins and nutrients

Normal to dry skin types



DermaBoost ConcentrateDermaBoost Concentrate

Moisturizes with a boost of highly concentrated vitamins and antioxidant's

Normal to dry skin types 






Extra Gentle Hydration Lotion Extra Gentle Hydration Lotion

Non-comedogenic, quick absorbing lotion soothes and moistens the skin - Perfect for all skin types, especially for oily and sensitive skin. 



Hydration Day CrèmeHydration Day Cream

A luxurious-feeling crème which provides moisturizing and conditioning of the skin.
Normal to dry skin types.



Anti-Aging Night CrèmeAnti-Aging Night Creme

Contains Vitamins A, E, B Complex, K, OPC (grape seed extract), Lutein (carrot seed extract), and proteins.
Dry to very dry skin types.



Accessory Products


Intensive Eye CreamIntensive Eye Cream

Rich eye treatment containing  
Vitamins A, E & K, OPC, Lutein,
proteins and shea butter - Helps
minimize dark circles and puffiness 
- For all skin types



Exfoliating ScrubExfoliating Scrub

Smooth, spherical crystals
gently exfoliate the skin 



Skin Brightener Skin Brightner

Contains emblica fruit extract, licorice, kojic acid, & glycolic acid.
For all skin types.



Gentle Toner & MakeupGentle Toner & Makeup Remover Remover

Alcohol-free and contains

aloe & cucumber 



Clear Sunscreen SPF 50 Clear Sunscreen SPF 50

Oil-free and provides complete
broad spectrum (UVA & UVB)
sun protection. Formulated as
a lightweight lotion that dries
transparent to most skin tones



Replenishing MasqueReplenishing Masque

Hydrates the skin and helps
revive the cellular process
- Dry and age-management
skin types



Cooling Cucumber MasqueCooling Cucumber Masque

Contains cucumber,
chamomile and aloe vera to
help cool and soothe the skin.
- All skin types, including  
sensitive skin



Detoxifying Mint MasqueDetoxifying Mint Masque

Stimulates, cleanses and
renews blemished skin and
clogged pores - Oily and acne
prone skin types



Cellulite Cream Cellulite Cream

Helps with the appearance of cellulite.  Utilizes state-of-the-art European botanicals.
For all skin types.